Hey Kevin,

Thanks for letting me know. I got those parts sent out your way today through the USPS.

This rifle keeps on surprising me. I've been trying to get into the 1/4" club now for a while and well I finally got there but didn't ever think I would shoot a group this good.

Thank you for such an outstanding rifle,




Hey Kevin,

Just wanted to let you know how my gun is shooting, after getting the barrel broke in i started to work up some loads, I can't believe how good this gun shoots. Zeroed at 200yds in a ragged hole,went out to 400 yrds the first 3 are on the bottom 75.5gr H1000 5 thou off the lands, the top 3 are 76gr it loves the Berger 180 hybrid averaging 2920fps no signs of pressure yet. I know it will shoot better now I just need more time on the trigger. Everybody that see's it just loves it, so just wanted to thank you for a great gun.

Thanks, Frank




A picture is worth a thousand words. You can drive a 338-408 Chey-Tac Imp. 3400 fps with great sub MOA accuracy.

Thanks John


Kevin, thanks for getting back so quickly and the great info. We wont be getting back to Colorado for 2 years, but want to get as much shooting in beforehand as i can.

My buddy smoked a nice bull at 300 yards. Thanks for all the assistance thusfar, it helped us knock this one down!

Chadd Roadarmel
Atlantic Equipment Specialists


Hi Kevin

The Kids had a great weekend the white tail was shot at 847 yards and the Mulley was take at 498 yards. The back out was a different story the 300 win is performing great take care.

Mike Hocking  



Hey Kevin,

 I attached two targets that where shot at 100yrds on Sat. both where groups of 10 using a varmant load I had slapped together for an AR-15 Service Rifle. With some load development I'm pretty sure I can make those groups shrink quite considerably. The target I scored as 100-8X was shot free recoil, first time ever being able to do that, while the other target was shot with the normal benchrest technique.

   I will have to say thank you for offering to take care of it the way you did and I will definitely be sending you more business in the future.




Hi Kevin,

These are not the best groups I ever saw, but they are definitely some of the best I ever shot. Don’t know what happened to the first shot in the first group( ill just blame the factory trigger)(jewel is on the way) I am pretty excited about these and can’t wait the tweak em a little. Both groups are 200 yards.


Gene Stempel



Finished breaking in the barrel, and wad just shooting some random load.  First fouling shot was on the left.  The next five all the same spot.  Can't thankyou enough for making a great rifle.

Garett Pfaffenbach


Just wanted to thank you again on doing a beautiful job. I pulled the stock off for the first time to do some thorough cleaning and your bedding job is unbelievable. Thanks again, hope you enjoyed the holidays


Hey Kevin ,

Just wanted to thank you for the outstanding job you did on my sako conversion! I am very well pleased!                   

Thanks ,              

Tony Greenway


I received the bolts this afternoon. Beautiful work and within the time frame you promised - very rare these days! I won't get a chance to try them out for a couple of weeks, but I'll let you know how things work out.

Thank you again. You are a man of your word !

Ken Porter

Hi Kevin,

Finally had a chance to test fire the 721's. The Sako extractors worked flawlessly and I'm looking forward to finally use the rifles to their full potential.

 Ken Porter

Hi Kevin

Received the Sako conversion bolt from you on Sat.

Great job.    Perfect function.     It's good to have the 'ol rifle back in service.

Thanks for the good work & fast turn-around!!


 Norm Van Houten


Hello Kevin,

 I received the screws and have them installed now. Truly you could charge more for these and people would still buy. These are easily 2 steps above the Brownell extended screws in fit and your finish work. I was a bit concerned about the head and holding the 55-65 ft-lb of torque I apply to my aluminum bedded actions, but these had zero yielding in the head after 48hrs or dwell time (I'm an engineer by trade, so I may be a little geeky when it comes to materials and validation of components such as yielding bolts). In a nutshell my hacked off-the-shelf screws are in the spare fastener bin now and there is no ugly screw head rearing it's self from the bottom of my rifle.  



Loving my model 70 7 wsm. Still less than 100 rounds down the barrel but it loves the 180s.Logged my longest kill a few days ago, a chip shot for most and for the caliber but took a woodchuck (groundhog down here) @ 434. What impressed the crowd watching and me the most was the gun was out of the truck about 2 minutes. No set up, just lay the gun down, confident zero, confident data, dial it and boom. Thanks for building the world's best confidence booster.Saw you are selling shirts and stuff now, I will be putting in an order any day now.Matt has been on me I've been slacking on rifle write up on LRH but it's coming, need to show off my stick.

Forrest  Christiansen


 Got back both my bolts last night.

Another great job!  Thank you!



Hi Kevin,

 As you predicted, the mailman walked in the office today with a big box!  Both rifles are beautiful, exactly what I was hoping for in both cases.

Thanks for all your craftsmanship, I look forward to getting them to range this weekend!

Thanks again,

 Brian A. Holt

Vice President of Engineering



got an opportunity to get a scope on my 700.  Love it!  shot it in a tshirt and I didn't mind the recoi and the report at all in fact the 6.8 "pushed" harder than the 7 mag.  I really like the feel of everything and after getting it close with the core loc ammo then shot a group with premiums laid'm in there real nice.  I am tickled with it.  AND the T/C actually goes off now!  I got that set up project in the works.  That is going to be a fun carry gun.  Thanks for your help and attention given.  It is appreciated.  Hope your house project works out for you and your family.  I look forward to putting something together with the ultra m.  Have a great fall and thanks again. 



Kevin how are you bud. I shot my rifle the other day and let me tell you what a shooter you built. I was touching bullets at a hundred yards rite away and I woul say after about 15 shots the barrel was good not dirty and clean up very easy. Very happy a pleasure to shoot and the trigger is perfect recoil a lot less the original. I leave Sunday for an elk hunt in Wyoming hope I can send pics of a bull if not November I head out to deer hunt and if I do get one you will get pics with the rifle in it once again very happy thank you

Craig Ferrieri



I wanted to let you know that I have now shot the 270 win you built for me several times at the range and it is doing very well. Now that I have some loads worked up for it with neck sized brass it is pretty consistent at or around .5-.6" at 100 yards off the bench.

Also one thing I have noticed is that unlike other rifles I have the point of impact does not move nearly as much with different loads. It seems as if no matter what bullet weight or powder charge I am shooting the impact is staying very close to bullseye. I have never had any other rifle do this before.

Thanks again for building such a great rifle. Ill try to post up a build report on Longrangehunting.com soon.


PowerSports Journalism

E. Don Smith

Chattanooga, TN

Thanks for the info on the load data.  The .223 started out as a stock SPS ADL and it  turned out perfect put a CDI bottom metal with AI 10 round clip.  All four of my 700 Rem’s now are pillar and Devcon bedded.  Just want to say thanks for your professional work done on all the rifles you have built for me.  


Bob Grove


      Thanks for the fast service rifle is a beauty, first long range group was 1 1/2 @ 460 yards

 Thanks again,



I broke the rifle in per your instructions.(243 VLS) took a little work but was worth it. I loaded up several rounds of 95 gr Berger VLD hunting bullets with H4831SC. I set up a 36x36 target at 100 yards, put a 1/2 in orange dot in center of target. The first shot off the bench 2in to the left the second shot I thought I missed the target no hole I thought no way. I had a friend watch with my spotting scope and fired the 3rd round he said you are shooting through the same hole I seen it get a little bigger. Thanks for building me a tack driver

Chris Williams

Manila Arkansas

Thanks Kevin,


     The .270 you built is shooting very well.. sub MOA from the bench. I have shot a bunch of groups in the .3's and .4's with it with Sierra 140gr Game King BTHPs.  I haven't really stretched it out yet…over the holidays I am going to load up some 150 grain Bergers and see how that goes. 





Gun worked great. Before i went on the hunt I did shoot it from the tail gate on a make shift bench and had a 6" group at 750 yds. two of the holes were 1/2" apart dead center. The 180 berger went thru my elk lung type shot but dropped him!!! Lots of confidence in the setup. Thanks, I will be in touch. We ended up going 4 for 4 on bulls, two were shot with my gun. Great hunt and elk camp! New Mexico bull with the 7mm dakota at 405 yds. Thanks for the great gun. My buddy shot his bull with my gun also at 510yds.
Rodger Z.
Green Pond Country Club


Hi Kevin,
 Jason is all smiles tonight! We were able to work with the 6.5-.284 this weekend. He shot the smallest groups he ever shot .  It has shot a .4', .360", and closed with a .202"  We are using the 140 gr. A max .10 off the lands and it appears this is working well. Hope to stretch its legs a little soon.  Great job on the looks and function of this rifle.
God Bless

Hi kevin,
    Sorry its taken me this long to let you know that I received the rifle and let me tell you what WOW!! I am very happy with it. The workmanship is excellent. Defiantly know where my business goes from now on. Target was shot at 200Y longest range around. But I have a friend with a big farm, going to put it to the test this weekend. Again I just want to say thank you very very much for making this rifle for me, I know I will enjoy it for years to come.

     Thanks Brandon


Harvested this buck at 811 yards.

Damn Kevin !
                    You are amazing ! You will have all of my business from here on to eternity ! I am impressed especially in this day and age. YOU THE MAN !
 I will make it a point to let every one of my shooting cronies know where to go for rifle fixing. I really, really appreciate your efforts and my hat is off to you. Nowhere since the beginning of my shooting life (and I'm a old fuddy) have I had such a fast turn around time. If there is anything I can ever do for you (We make 500 S&W Mag and 50 BMG ammo) please let me know and I'll try my best to reciprocate.
Again, thank you very much, take care, Bill

Hi Kevin,
Just a final note of appreciation to tell you that I am totally pleased with your recent Sako extractor installation work on my Remington 700 in .20-223.
It looks great, (totally professional) and functions perfectly.
I have you book marked for any future services that I may need. Also, you can count on me for references; if you have need of that.
Best Regards,


Good afternoon, Kevin…. Hopefully, no issues with your area and the hurricane. Just wanted to give you a heads up that I was finally able to shoot the 6BR(limited time) and so far, pretty impressed. I was fire-forming some brass and breaking-in the barrel with the 1st 10 shots and then had some 105 VLD’s loaded .010 jammed with 30.0g Varget which seems to be the basis for the 6BR. Ripped off a 5-shot group at 200 yds that measured .312.  Barrel is cleaning up really nice with Kroil and Butch’s Boreshine. Pretty impressed since this was virgin brass and no tweaking. 

Thanks again for a nice build.



Hi Kevin.  I haven't talked to you since I started load development of the rifle you built so I thought I would share that info with you.  I ended up using F-215 GM primers with 82.0 grains of H-1000 at around 3040 fps, 180 AB's .020 off the lands.  It typically shoots .3's and tonight shot back to back groups of .25.  I couldn't be happier with a lightweight hunting rifle that shoots bug hole groups.  

Thanks again, Bryan

Must be magic every time you touch a gun for me the first 3 shots make 1 ragged hole !!!


Hey Kevin,
    I got the rifle the other day. Everything looks superb. Thank you! Especially for a quick turn around time. I have more work I am going to send your way in the future. Thanks again.

Hi Kevin,

I finally got a chance to shoot today. I didn't want to break in the barrel with my loads so I purchased some factory ammo and headed out. I wasn't expecting too much for accuracy with the factory loads but to my surprise 5 shot groups measuring .374 outside. Kevin you build one hell of a rifle! I didn't think it would be possible to actually have it shoot better than it looks and I would say with the amount of looks the rifle received at the range today it might be a toss up. Either way I couldn't be happier.


Thanks Kevin


Got to look at a barrled action and all I can say is beautiful. Engraving is
gorgeous, bolt and finish are flawless and I'm tickled pink. Please give my
name and all my contact information as you see fit for a reference at any

Can't wait to get the rest of my projects to you.


SSG Mike


Hey Kevin
Just a note to tell you the rifle looks great and I think it's going to shoot great once I get a load worked up.
Thanks for a great build. Very Happy!!!
Daryl L. Roberts

Hello Kevin,
Picked up the rifle today. All I can say is WOW!! SUPER work. All the guys in the gun store were truly impressed. Couple of customers were as well. It looks & feels GREAT. Can't wait to go start breaking it in Sun. If it shoots as near as well as it looks, it will be something. Your work is FABULOUS. I will update you on the results of my shooting it.
Take Care & THANKS!


I received my rifle and I am very pleased with your work.
I will recommend you to my gun club.
Ken in Mt. Airy. MD

Got my bolt back today...Thank you!  What a fabulous job, and fast return shipping.  It works every time now.
Again, thank you...You do great work!
Happy Easter,

Hi Kevin,

just to recognize your work, first 5 shot group with the 280 Ackley came out to be .320 in. I am
really impressed. The load was with IMR 7828 and 150 grain Sierra Match King.
Thank You
Tucson, Arizona

Hi Kevin,

Finally  got some time to work with the .260 you built for me.  Shot about 6 groups and attached is the best. 5 shots there at 200 yds. Federal primers and bullets seated .020” off lands according to my stony point gauge. 


Thanks again!


Hi Kevin

Meant to send this a lots sooner.

However, just a quick message to say thanks for your meplat tool.
It is a superb wee tool.  I would not hesitate to recommend it.


Hey Kevin!
    150 gr Fed Powershok @ 100 yds

Hi Kevin,
I returned home from vacation tonight and my parents dropped off my bolt and it looks awesome!  You really do great work and thanks for turning it so fast.  I'm so glad I found you on the internet, it was such a pleasure doing business with you.  I should be able to get out to the range some time in the next couple of weeks and give it a go.
Thanks again,

Hi Kevin,

sorry I didnt get back to you sooner but I haven't been able to get much range time.All the best to you in the new year and continued success in your business.Thanks for the great job on the rifle,although it would probably do better in more experienced hands.(just means i've got to practice more...) groups are at 200 yards from the bench.

Best regards,

Jim McGuinness

Hi Kevin:
This is the group I shot with the Weatherby youth 243 you accurized and put a CSR brake on. 100 yards with factory Federal 100 grain.  I am looking forward to getting the 264 Win Mag & 7mm STW Senderos from you. Thank you!!!


Here is a picture of my last group of 3 after breaking in the barrel - 100 yards Nosler 120 BT hand loads.   Once again your accurizing job/Jewell trigger/CSR brake work is just amazing. Topped the Sendero with a Bushnell 6500 2.5x16-50 and Talley mounts. Thank you!


I wanted to say thanks for the excellent job you did on my factory Remington 700 Sendero 7mm Rem Mag Caliber rifle. I realize its been almost a year since I received my rifle from you after you made the proper repairs. I'm sure you would like to see the the results of what your accuracy package did. If you recall, my best groups at 200 yards with hand loaded ammo was 5-6 inch groups. I am an experienced shooter and reloader. Here are my groups I shoot regularly at 200 yards on a calm day and my first time shooting at 600 yards with 20 mph winds. First shot was left and the rest were as good as it could be. Please feel free to use these pictures on your website. Thank you for the precision work on my factory rifle. You made it shoot like a custom rifle!!


Hey Kevin,

  how's your season going?   Mine is going great as of last night!  Logan and i were in our shooting shanty watching some doe feed when out stepped a buck.  I ranged him at 318,  made the elevation adjustment,  and left Logan take over from there.  He made a perfect shot!
    He's having a pretty good year for a seven year old.  He got a doe with the crossbow and now a buck with "the hulk", 6.5x47.
    Thank you for building us an awesome rifle!

Hi Kevin,

got my rifle on friday,excellent work.The trigger is a vast improvement.I got the scope mounted and bore sighted,now for load development,(if I can just get some time off from my many projects...)I especially admired your job on the threads of the brake,I know it sounds corny but a well done thread is a joy to behold.(I havent single pointed a thread on a lathe for awhile but I always enjoyed the procedure)I am looking forward to taking it to the range.A pleasure doing business with you.

Regards, Jim

Hello Kevin,

After a number of months and another move back to GA, I finally had a short time to test fire the Rem 700 refit you did for me some time ago.  I am very pleased with the fit and finish of the rifle.  It shoots very well with my handloads of 43 grs Varget under the 178gr Hornady A-MAX.  The 3-shot groups are hovering around 0.5 MOA at 100yds.

Thanks for a great job!  I'll be back to you on other projects.

All the Best,
Eton, GA

I watched this deer lay in the high grass from 7:30 am to 4:15PM when leyna got off the bus. It was in the wide open all day until about 20 minutes before she got home. It moved 10 yards into some thicker weeds. I had the bench all set and the deer in the scope for her. Both of her grandfathers were present for the shot. It was only 205 yards away and just flopped over. She shot it with my 7mm wsm that you put together for me.


Rifle received and reassembled.  Looks great.  Thanks for the quick turn and quality job.


Hi Kevin,

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the quality of your work and really enjoyed talking with you about what to do in this build… and you were spot on with brux, I do like this barrel too.  I’ve only had a chance to get out to the range with it two mornings so far for load development and its coming right in… found Sunday that it does like a jump with these 168 bergers as groups started to shrink at .06 off the lands to .08 so I’ll be narrowing this down from there.  For only two mornings and still breaking in I was very happy with these groups @ 300 yards… well minus the flyer lol the coffee hadn’t kicked in yet…J


I’ll definitely be talking to you in the future for more builds and can’t thank you enough for this one…


Take care,




I received the shipment this morning. They look fantastic and I cant wait to get them built and see how they shoot. Thank you for such a nice job.
Will be in touch soon,

Howdy Kevin,

the 308 you built for me is amazing. Accurate and beautiful. I couldn't be happier. Thank you.

Thanks for your help.




                Wow, the rifle looks great, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all your help.  I’m going out to shoot this weekend. 


Thanks again. 



I sent you scraps and leftovers to build my daughter a 243 AI and you send me back a beautiful rifle that shoots everything into one hole. I asked my daughter which one of the bullets she wanted to shoot and she picked the Nosler 80 grain, not because it shot the best (irrelevant, they all shoot 1/4 MOA) she picked the Nosler because she thinks the purple tips are "pretty". Sure is nice when you can pick the bullet you want based on what it looks like! HA! Anyway, went out to the range behind my house today to final zero her .243AI and my 6mmAI. Her first 3 out of a cold barrel went into one hole at bullseye. I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with your work. There will be many Texas pigs, coyotes, deer and other varmints humanely dispatched with your handywork. I have three Kreiger barrels on order, as they come in, I will send them your way if you have the time to build more awesome rifles.

Paul, Mandy and Holly

Went picked up Dasher today I have a couple of things to say outstanding
workmanship thanks for putting this together.  I noted that you opened up
the areas and barrel channel a bit thanks.   

  Thanks Bob

Hi Kevin,


        Yep good I never knew Pillars would make such a difference with the Devcon really makes for a rock solid shooting platform.  When I open the bolt the barrel sounds like a tuning fork.  Couple of my shooting buds saw how the Dasher performs and really  impressed.  They wanted to know who did the work so you may be getting some more work from Michigan one has a 22-250 Remington with a thumb hole stock wanted to know how much it would be to pillar bed I gave him your web site to look at.   Oh and by the way the Dasher when fire forming brass at 200 yds best group size was .475 Wow /   When I checked the brass on my Sinclair concentricity gauge DEAD NUTS 0 RUN OUT on the case after fire formed perfect chamber.    Can’t wait until I reload the fire formed brass to see how it shoots should be even better.   Still no word on the PTG reamer yet but in no hurry to get 6X45 back warm here the past few weeks but expecting it to get colder again. 


Thanks Bob  


Hello Kevin,

I just got a look at my new rifle! Thanks for the excellent craftsmanship. I appreciate the extra work that you put into the stock (thought I was getting a good deal on it). That Jewell trigger is far better than anything I’ve ever shot. I’m also impressed with the Sightron scope. I was a little nervous purchasing it from you because I’ve never even held one before today.

Thanks again.

Robert Klein

The 300 struck gold twice.  139in whitetail at 207 yards and my Oryx at 473. Couldn't be happier!  


The Boat Shop

Dear Mr. Cram,

I received your meplat uniforming kit a couple of days ago. I appreciate your faith in me by honoring my check and not waiting for it to clear before shipping.

After it arrived, I pulled out some 6.5 Lapua Scenars and went to work. I was extremely impressed at how intuitive it was to set up and use, how well the surfaces mated, the polish and sharpness of the tools, and the ease in which I got exceptional results.

There is not much else to say, I have bookmarked your website.



Just wanted to thank you again on doing a beautiful job. I pulled the stock off for the first time to do some thorough cleaning and your bedding job is unbelievable. Thanks again, hope you enjoyed the holidays


Hi Kevin,

Today my son shot his first deer using the 6mm Dasher that you had built for us. He shot from one side of the hollow across to the other side and took the top of her heart out.



I got the rifle back on friday. Everything looks good. Attached are 2 of the load development groups I shot today. Not shabby for a basic factory rifle.
I really do appreciate all your work and speedy return. Although it appears I am done with load development in one session. LOL...
Thanks for the job well done.

Hi kevin,  how are u pal.  The 6 cm is working great. .  Half inch groups at 100 while breaking in the barrel and fireforming.  Can' t wait to so shoot some round when i get all my brass fireformed i think its gona be awsome .. thanks. again kevin

Kevin, It’s a Shooter, Just Breaking in the Barrel, Which picked up a tiny bit of copper on shots 1&2 then nothing after that. Just working loads up looking for Pressure signs, The only 5 shot group That has been shot went just under .4

Brass has virtually zero runout after shooting.

Excellent Job!!!


Thanks Again, Tim

Hi Kevin,
              Just thought l would shoot you an email to let you know what a great job you did. These pics are the first 2 groups l fired since l got the gun back. l am using 162 gr A-maxs and H1000. The first group measured .250" center to center and the 2nd was .625 ctc. Both were shot at 200 yards last evening. if l can get the velocity up a little and maintain that accuracy l will be in business. I couldn't be happier! Your work is top notch. (You are right about the trigger, its got to go!) Thanks again.


Just an update.
The gun really likes H4831.  I shot 3 rounds with Hornady 162 Amax last weekend in the same hole at 100 yds.  The second group with VV-165 made a nice cloverleaf.
This weekend I was working up a hunting load of 150 g. Swift Siroccos.  Again, a ragged hole with the H4831 and a cloverleaf with the VV.  Now I am no expert but the gun sure is making me look like one.
I may be calling sometime when I start fire forming the rest of the 30-06 brass.

Hey Kevin ,
 Just wanted to thank you for the outstanding job you did on my sako conversion! I am very well pleased!
                           Thanks ,

Hey Kevin, thought you might appreciate this. After shoot & clean, shoot & clean, repeat, it took about 10 rounds for the barrel to stop copper fouling, but I laddered up to close to max during those 1st 10 rounds.
After break in, the group in the attached photo is the first group I shot. It was from  200 yards, and its right at an inch, but the neat thing is, all four rounds were different powder charges - 64.6 grains up to 66.7 grains in .7 grain increments of H1000 with a Berger 140VLD.
The gun is great, and I think it looks great too, and looks like it will be a "shooter". Can't wait to see some groups where all the charges are the same.
Thanks for your good work,
Houston, TX

Hey Kevin, update on the 6.5WSM, I'm sure you'll be as happy about it as I was. I got the chance to shoot it at longer distance on a power line on our lease in South Texas this past weekend. There was a 3-4 mph quartering-helping wind, and I didn't hold off or allow for any wind, just held dead on, so the group is a little left. I just went off of a ballistic calculator for drops, dialed 15MOA at 800 yards, shooting from a bipod, prone, out of the back of a pick up truck. The group was mostly horizontal, which could be the wind and/or me, but the vertical was great, looks like the chart was only one click off (my elevation turret is 1/3 MOA per click). 5 shots, right at 4" group. Photo attached. Backed up to 1000 and shot a couple rounds, and they hit steel as well, also just one click off of where it needed to be for elevation. I think I could load it up a little hotter, but don't see the need for that. It's running about 3075 fps with the 140 gr Berger VLD. This is all with virgin brass, so it may get better with fireformed brass, don't know yet.
Thanks again,
Houston, TX




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