Accuracy Guarantee

I do occasionally get asked about an accuracy guarantee on the rifles that I build and I honestly cringe when this comes up as there are so many different variables. Rather than an accuracy guarantee I discuss realistic accuracy and expectations.  There are several contributing factors to accuracy: 

Quality barrel 
Quality ammunition ( hand loading preferred ) 
Quality mounts and optics 
Shooter ability 
Quality of work performed ( chamber cut true, stress free bedding etc. ) 

All of the rifles I build are built to the same quality standards, whether it’s a target rifle or hunting rifle. Typically just be design, heavier barreled target rifles, stocks and there choice of chambering and optics should realistically show 1/4 moa or better accuracy. Larger calibers(over .30 cal. ) may see closer to 3/8 moa mostly due to recoil management. Lighter barreled sporter rifles typically show 1/2 moa or better accuracy. Most rifles are test fired for function only and are not accuracy tested. Due to time and cost constraints I do not offer testing and load data for free. If you have a concern with the accuracy of the rifle and it can not be worked out over the phone or e-mail, you can send the rifle back for evaluation. If there is a problem with the rifle on work I performed or parts I supplied, I will fix it at no charge. If there is no problem and the rifle shoots to realistic expectations, you will get the rifle back with test targets and load data along with an invoice for my time.





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